Flavours of Bali BBQ Box – Large

Rp 625,000

All your favourite Balinese “Bakar” (means grilled!) flavours in one ready-to-grill package. This package includes a large 1.2kg size Red Snapper, cleaned and pre-marinated in a classic Jimbaran-style bumbu with rich flavours of chilli, tamarind, candlenut, shallots and garlic.

Enjoy with freshly prepared Squid and Tiger Prawns, cleaned, tenderised, marinated and ready to put straight on the grill! Sate Ayam with authentic peanut dipping sauce, our own handmade Pork Sausage  (from only the best 100% Bali Pigs!), and Sate Buntel.

A dish usually prepared with spiced aromatic Goat, we make ours with delicious imported Lamb for a little gourmet twist. Feast on this with classic Balinese sides of Water Spinach, Jagung Bakar (Grilled corn on the cob), White Rice and Sambal Matah.

Our BBQ Boxes are delivered prepared and ready for you to grill straight away at home. Side dishes of Water Spinach and Rice will be delivered hot, while all other elements will be cleaned, pre-marinated and prepared for you to cook at home.

  • Whole Red Snapper (average size 1.2kg)
  • Snapper Marinade (Red Chili, Tamarind, Shallots, Garlic, Tomato, Candlenut, Oil, Sea Salt, Brown Sugar, Fermented Shrimp Paste)
  • Vivre Gourmet Classic Pork Sausage 240g
  • Whole Corn On The Cob – 700g
  • Squid – 400g
  • Squid Marinade (Fresh Chilis, Ginger, Coriander, Fresh Lime, Sea Salt)
  • Tiger Prawns – 200g
  • Tiger Prawn Marinade (Fresh Chilis, Ginger, Coriander, Soy Sauce)
  • Sate Buntel – 200g
  • Sate Ayam – 320g
  • Sate Dipping Sauce (Peanuts, Shallots, Sweet Soy Sauce)
  • Chili Kangkung in Traditional Bumbu – 400g (Water Spinach, Chilis, Ginger, Garlic, Oyster Sauce)
  • Sambal Matah (Shallots, Fresh Chilis, Lemongrass, Fresh Lime, Sea Salt, Coconut Oil)

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Flavours Of Bali Bbq Box Size Large 1
Flavours of Bali BBQ Box – Large