Javara Organic Crystal Coconut Sugar Ginger 250Gr

Rp 36,900

Javara Crystal Coconut Sugar Ginger is made from the nectar of coconut blossom, manually tapped, collected, ginger, and cooked by coconut sugar artisans who have been keeping alive the ancient tradition of coconut nectar sugar making. By tradition, coconut trees are cultivated free of any chemicals inputs. The trees also help to retain water and intercropping with other endemic herbs and fruits is a common practice. Each coconut tree can produce blossom nectar for more than 50 years. All these traits give a reputation for coconut sugar as the most sustainable sugar in the world. Being a low glycemic index and a slow energy-release, coconut sugar definitely is a healthier, tastier, and more sustainable sugar substitute. Enjoy Indonesia’s legacy to the world.

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