Whole Australian Tenderloin Beef Wellington (500gr Fillet)

Rp 450,000

A Whole Premium Grain Fed Australian Beef Tenderloin Fillet (500gr), seared to contain all the epic beefy juices, then rolled in a rich Mushroom Duxelles and wrapped in our house-cured Prosciutto Ham, baked to perfect medium-pink perfection in a Puff Pastry casing. 

Our Classic Beef Wellington is delivered hot to be served immediately on arrival, including a generous portion of our freshly made Beef Jus Gravy. Enjoy it with our hot side dishes for a full dinner party meal with a few friends – our suggested pairings are an indulgent Cauliflower Baked Cheese and Sauteed Green Beans.

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We all love good, wholesome home-cooked food. But not everyone feels at home in the kitchen or has the time or inclination to cook. Vivre Gourmet offers a simpler, quicker solution that doesn’t compromise on quality. All products handmade with love to help you spend more time living and less time in the kitchen. Products are made using the best quality ingredients and frozen from fresh within minutes of cooking. No preservatives or chemicals!

  • Australian Beef tenderloin
  • Mushroom duxxel
  • Puff pastry
  • Prosciutto
  • Egg
  • Beef Gravy
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Whole Australian Tenderloin Beef Wellington (500gr Fillet)

In stock