Costamolino Vermentino di Sardegna DOC

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Our selection of wines from Argiolas. A family owned winery on the Mediterranean Island of Sardinia – they are dedicated to preserving 11 different native and indigenous grape varieties on the island.

Some of our featured wines are made from grapes that only grow in Sardinia – you won’t find them growing anywhere else in the world!

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  • ABV
  • Volume
  • Sweet-Dry Scale
  • Body
    Medium to Full Bodied
  • Pairing
    The wine’s lemony acidity will accent rock lobster or squid but carries enough weight to work with spaghetti topped with bottarga or a bowl of brothy clams and fregola. Vermentino’s herbal flavor can also highlight vegetables such as fava beans or fennel.
  • Tasting Notes
    Vermentino often shows the fragrance of macchia, the mix of evergreen shrubs and herbs that typifies the Sardinian landscape. Costamolino hints at aromas of pine and mint coupled with ripe stone fruit and sweet citrus. The palate is at once vibrant and textural and finishes with lingering acidity.
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  • Wine Description
    A vibrant, citrus and herbaceous White Wine made from the Vermentino grape, a variety native to the Italian island of Sardinia. This grape variety thrives in the hot Mediterranean climate, is cropped at the height of European summer, and takes on the flavours of the shrubbery surrounding the vineyards. A mix of evergreen shrubs, pine, mint, ripe stone fruits and sweet lemon. It's savoury and zesty enough to enjoy with seafood, but bold enough to sip with a large bowl of spaghetti vongole pasta.
Costamolino Vermentino Di Sardegna Doc Vermentino
Costamolino Vermentino di Sardegna DOC

Out of stock