Mixed Nigiri Sushi Platter – 12 pcs

Rp 155,000

Our Signature Nigiri Sushi Platter is the perfect meal for one, or party platter for small bites with friends.

Enjoy 3 pieces each of perfectly poached and butterflied Prawn, slices of raw Sashimi-Grade Tuna and Salmon that will melt in your mouth, and a sweetened Sake, Dashi and Mirin flavoured Tamago – a typical Japanese Egg Omelette. All placed on top of delicious bitesize pieces of Sushi Rice.

  • Sushi Rice
  • Prawns
  • Sashimi-Grade Salmon
  • Sashimi-Grade Tuna
  • Tamago Egg (Japanese Omelette)
  • Mirin (Japanese Rice Wine) Vinegar
  • Dashi Stock
  • Sake
  • Salt
Mixed Pack Nigiri 1
Mixed Nigiri Sushi Platter – 12 pcs