Root Veg Box

Rp 250,000

A selection of grounding earthy vegetables for a veg box with extra substance, all in an easy one-click-to-buy bundle. Perfect for soups, curries, pickling and roasting, our Root Veg Box is packed with the freshest produce from our suppliers, all cleaned to the highest hygiene standards on arrival to our world-class catering facility.
Average weight of total produce is 5kg. Please note that the picture is a representation of size, but individual items may be replaced with suitable substitutes, depending on availability of the best quality produce.
  • Potatoes – 1kg
  • Beetroot – 500gr
  • Carrot – 500gr
  • White Onion – 500gr
  • Radish – 250gr
  • Squash – 1.7kg
  • Leeks – 250gr
  • Sweet Potato – 500gr
  • Turnip – 250gr
  • Ginger – 150gr
  • Garlic – 50gr
Earth Box
Root Veg Box