Semi-Dried Tomatoes – 400grams

Rp 75,000

Vivre Gourmet’s Classic Semi-Dried Tomatoes, are 100% Bali local cherry tomatoes, semi-dried them in our main oven to remove all the water content. The resulting product are tomatoes that are deeper in color, richer in taste and more concentrated in vitamins and minerals.

Although the true origin of sun dried tomatoes is unclear, it is known that the Aztecs began salting and sun-drying their tomatoes in order to preserve their freshness around the year 700 AD. Later, Italians dried their tomatoes on their ceramic roof-tops in the summer sun.
By drying ripe tomatoes, these foods could be enjoyed and provide valuable nutrition in the winter when it is difficult or impossible to grow fresh produce. We love to eat ours as an accompaniment on an antipasti plate, in a salad or a sandwich.

Semi Dried Tomato
Semi-Dried Tomatoes – 400grams