Telmo Rodriguez LZ Rioja Tempranillo 2019 (Spain)

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Certified organic and biodynamic, this red wine from the Rioja region of Spain is aromatic with plum, macerated cherry and orange peel. Enjoy it’s medium-to-full body and violet floral undertones.

A blend of Tempranillo, Graciano & Garnacha, all hand-picked from certified organic bush vines in Rioja’s cool Lanciego region. Fermented with a wild yeast, this biodynamic process takes winemaking back to its roots.

“Our wines are not made by winemakers; they’re made by grape growers…Once you understand your place, you know how to work.” – Telmo Rodriguez.

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  • Brand
    Telmo Rodriguez
  • Year
  • ABV
  • Volume
  • Sweet-Dry Scale
  • Body
    Full Bodied
  • Pairing
    Beef, Lamb, Veal, and Poultry
  • Tasting Notes
    The nose is fresh and pure, with raspberry, plum, spice and youthful rubbery aromas. The palate is elegant and impeccably balanced, while flavors of vanilla and coconut announce ample oak, with toasty, peppery plum and raspberry flavors waiting in the wings. Power, precision and elegance are draped all over the finish.
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  • Wine Description
    Telmo Rodriguez is from a traditional Rioja wine family, but in 1994 he set out on his own adventure with his friend Pablo Eguzkiza, and is now one of Spain’s top wine personalities. A self-titled “driving winemaker”, Telmo and his business partner love to travel around Spain and explore tiny villages, learning about their indigenous grape varieties and winemaking methods. They’d rather make a wine that is true to its roots, and honours the land where the grapes grow, than compromise and use the world’s favourite grapes for easier commercial success.  Some old world wine makers may have one or two vineyards that have centuries of tradition. Telmo Rodrigues in a short three decades has established 355 little plots around Spain’s wine country, working with 43 different varieties of indigenous grapes. Even with this playful renegade approach, their wines have caught the attention of some of the world’s food & wine heroes. Three Michelin Star restaurant El Bulli - voted best restaurant in the world 5 times by Restaurant Magazine - had Telmo Rodriguez’ Basa Blanco wine as their house white option for 9 years!  Very simply, they are travellers on an adventure, and they make great small batch wines along the way! 
Telmo Rodriguez Lz Rioja Tempranillo 2019 (spain)
Telmo Rodriguez LZ Rioja Tempranillo 2019 (Spain)

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