Vegan TreeNut Cheezery Cheese Board – 4pax

From Rp 475,000

A classic after-dinner cheese spread designed to end a special meal, or accompany an evening of wine. The package includes three delicious handmade vegan cheeses by Ubud-based TreeNut Cheezery. Enjoy them with Middle-Eastern Spiced Lavosh Crackers, red grapes, dry-roasted cashews and dried apricots.

Dig into a “Double Cream” Cranberry Chevre made from cultured Cashews and Pili Nuts for an extra creamy texture, then rolled in a dried cranberries, walnuts and rosemary crust. Also enjoy a ripe cultured Cashew Nut Camembert with a bloomy rind. And your choice of either a soft and spreadable Boursin-Style Soft Cheese packed with herbs and garlic, or a Cracked Black Pepper Hard Cheese which resembles a spicy version of your classic mild cheddar.

Vivre Gourmet Treenut Cheezery Cheese Board 4pax 1
Vegan TreeNut Cheezery Cheese Board – 4pax
  • TreeNut Cheezery Vegan Camembert – 200gr
  • TreeNut Cheezery Double-Cream Cranberry Chevre – 180gr
  • TreeNut Cheezery Cracked Black Pepper Hard Cheese (155gr) OR TreeNut Cheezery Boursin-Style Soft Cheese (180gr)
  • Middle-Eastern Spiced Lavosh Crackers – 100gr
  • 1 Bunch Red Grapes
  • Dry Roasted Cashews – 100gr
  • Dried Apricots – 100gr

Boursin-Style Soft Cheese, Cracked Black Pepper Hard Cheese