Vivre Gourmet (VG) offers a trade counter for business-to-business (B2B) to purchase our quality products at our wholesale prices.
Ordering is simple!
Once you have agreed to our Terms and Conditions, Vivre Gourmet will give you access to a whole range of our products at wholesale prices via our website.  We look forward to supplying you with our quality products.


  1. Introduction of Terms 
  • This Agreement is an understanding that you (the Buyer) will undertake a business relationship with Vivre Gourmet (the Supplier) on a wholesale basis.
  • You Agree to purchase items through our website for delivery to your business address
  • Prices are based on volume, pre-determined and agreed upon by both parties.
  • Full Terms & Conditions are available on our website www.vivregourmet.com
  1. Ordering
  • All orders must be placed through the Vivre Gourmet website 
  • All orders must be place before 2pm for next day delivery
  1. Wholesale Price & Payment
  • The price of the items on VG website is agreed by both the Buyer and Supplier
    The price is inclusive of PPN Tax.
  • Supplier will send the bill to Buyer every Monday for the delivery item from Sunday to Saturday.
  • Credit term is 7 days with business banking days after receiving the bill. 
  1. Rights of Supplier 
  • The Supplier reserves the right to periodically update Wholesale prices on the Website. 
  • The Supplier shall make every effort to ensure prices are correct at the point at which the Buyer places an order.
  • The Supplier reserves the right to withdraw any Goods and/or Services from the Website at any time.
  • The Supplier reserves the right to cease
  1. Delivery
  • Orders will only be delivered to the Buyer’s agreed business address.
  • Deliveries are pre-determined by the delivery time slot at the time of ordering.
  • Supplier will endeavour to deliver by the agreed time and will inform the Buyer of any changes as they happen. 
  • Supplier will aim to have orders delivered between 6am to 8am where possible
  1. Cancellation  
  • All orders cancelled on the day of delivery, will be invoiced in full, to the Buyer.
  1. Wholesale Buyer Payment Terms
  • Wholesale Payment Terms are 7-days after the Invoice is Issued by Supplier. 
  • Supplier requests Buyer to settle payment in a timely, efficient and professional manner without delay.
  1. Product Failure, Refund and Replacement
    Supplier agrees to refund or replace if its products have any of the following condition(s):
    Where a claim of defect or damage is made, the Goods may have to be returned by the Buyer to the Supplier within the best before date or use by date on the product.
  • Goods to be returned must clearly show the order number obtained from the Supplier on the package.
  • Product received is different to the Purchase Order
  • Expiration date is too short at receiving
  • Product and or packaging is damaged at receiving
  • Product is spoiled or faulty
  • Expired products to be replaced with new product stock replacement
  1. Complaints
  • Filing a complaint about any product or service provided by the Supplier; Buyer must submit a written complaint with any supporting record & or evidence to Customer Service.
    Email : [email protected]
    Telephone : +62 821 4738 5767 (Monday-Sunday 9AM-8PM)
  1. Partnership Marketing
  • Buyer agrees to allow Supplier to cross promote via all applicable social media channels. 
  • Supplier agrees to allow Buyer to cross promote via all applicable social media channels.
  1. End of Agreement and Termination

    Should there be continuous delayed payment causing a negative impact to the Supplier. Termination notification to Buyer will be issued with 14-day notice, ensuring any outstanding payments, administrations are settled.

    This Buyer agreement can expire or are terminated and cancelled: 
  • The termination of the Agreement.
  • Buyer & VG agree to terminate the Agreement as evidenced by an agreement/written letter signed by the Parties.
  • Agreement is terminated or can be cancelled by either party because of a default/breach by the other party.
  • Buyer or VG did not agree and/or do not intend to continue in this Agreement, so there is no consensus. 
  1. Governing Law

    This Buyer agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Indonesia.  Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this Agreement, including without limitation any question regarding its existence, validity, termination, or the rights or obligations of either of them, that cannot be resolved amicably by the Parties within 30 (thirty) days after it has first been raised in writing shall finally be settled through The District Court of Denpasar, Bali.

  2. Others – Confidentiality

    Confidentiality of Buyer and Supplier VG (unless required by law – laws or regulations), both before and after the expiration of this Agreement, shall not disclose data and information relating to the other party or in connection with the terms of this Wholesale Agreement to any person not authorized by Buyer and Supplier VG, to obtain such data and information.