Brunch Box – For 8

From Rp 755,000

Our Signature Brunch Box will keep your family grazing through a lazy afternoon.

Your choice of our freshly baked pies and quiches (delivered hot!), freshly baked Sourdough Loaf, our House Cured and Rambutan Wood Smoked Ham from 100% local Bali pigs, artisan handmade cheeses from local makers, a selection of awesome Deli condiments and generous salad with a crunch of raw fruit and veg to top it off.

Serving suggestion: 8 people.

  • House Cured & Smoked Ham (500gr)
  • Choice of Pie or Quiche (1kg)
  • 8 Degrees Cheese – Glenmore Welsh-Style Cheddar 200gr
  • 8 Degrees Cheese – Ashed Cow’s Milk Chevre 140gr
  • Fresh Sourdough Loaf
  • Semi-Dried Tomatoes (200gr)
  • Beetroot Relish (250gr)
  • Classic Green Salad (800gr)
  • Coleslaw (400gr)
  • Raw Celery Stick (500gr)
  • Whole Rock Melon (av. 2kg)
Choice of Pie or Quiche

Chicken & Mushroom Pie, Vegetable Ratatouille Pie, Mushroom Quiche, Spinach Quiche

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Brunch Box – For 8
From Rp 755,000 Select options