Pavlova – Build Your Own

Rp 80,000

Try our new dessert! A Build-your-own Pavlova Sharing Platter with perfect chewy meringue, sweet whipped vanilla cream, passionfruit, berry coulis and seasonal fruit. Enough for 4 people!

The age old debate of where this dessert originated – Australia or New Zealand. The fact of the matter is… Who cares. Our Vivre Gourmet Pavlova is the perfect dessert to finish any dinner with friends or family. Light, fresh and super decadent.

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  • Meringues (Egg White, Sugar)
  • Strawberry Coulis
  • Passionfruit Coulis
  • Chantilly Cream (Cream, Vanilla, Sugar)
  • Seasonal Fruit
  • Build how you wish
  • add each component atop the previous
  • Top with fresh Mint Leaves
Pavlova – Build Your Own