Perdera Monica di Sardegna DOC

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Our selection of wines from Argiolas. A family owned winery on the Mediterranean Island of Sardinia – they are dedicated to preserving 11 different native and indigenous grape varieties on the island.

Some of our featured wines are made from grapes that only grow in Sardinia – you won’t find them growing anywhere else in the world!

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  • Body
    Medium Bodied
  • Pairing
    Monica is soft and fruity with low levels of tannins making it an ideal red wine to pair with dark fish. An ideal match would be grilled tuna or salmon with a garnish of herbs or swordfish stewed with tomatoes and saffron. Served chilled, Monica will also elevate an outdoor meal of porchetta.
  • Tasting Notes
    Perdera is 90% Monica, 5% Carignano, and 5% Bovale Sardo, aged in neutral barrels and cement vats to preserve Monica’s varietal characteristics. The wine shows red fruit aromas and flavors of cherries and plums with floral notes and spices. Perdera is juicy with bright acidity and low tannins.
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  • Wine Description
    A bright, fruity and spicy Red Wine made from the Monica grape, a native variety to the Italian island of Sardinia. This is the only place in the world you'll find the Monica grape growing. "Perdera" means "a place of many stones". A very popular local wine to drink in Sardinia, it is aged in neutral barrels to preserve Monica's unique characteristics. Taste flavours of cherries and plums, with some spicy and floral notes. A juicy and bright sip, with low tannins.
Perdera Monica Di Sardegna Doc Monica
Perdera Monica di Sardegna DOC

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